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How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs

How to avoid ingrown hairs
May 2018

Dr. Rebecca Baxt comments on protein shakes contributing to acne breakouts

Are your Protein Shakes giving you Acne? Dr. Rebecca Baxt comments on protein shakes contributing to acne breakouts and the chemical compounds that aren't healthy for your body. May 2017

Dr. Rebecca Baxt - New Beauty Filler Article

Dr. Rebecca Baxt comments on filler that makes skin look blue January 2017

Dr. Rebecca Baxt - New Beauty Acne Article

Dr. Rebecca Baxt comments on viral acne treatment video November 2016

BAXT CosMedical® Named the Faces of Bergen 2016

BAXT CosMedical® named
'The Face of Honest Consultations and Natural Results' July 2016

Dr. Rebecca Baxt Skincare article 2016

Brighten up! How to Safely Exfoliate Your Skin July 2015

Is This the Dumbest Social Media Trend Ever? - Sunburn Art July 2015

Dark Shadows Be Gone! June 2015

The Super-Sneaky Ways the Sun is Getting to You June 2015

The Best DIY Hacks for Razor Burn June 2015

Dr. Rebecca Baxt: Learning the ABCs of Mole Detection May 2015

Memorial Day: Stay Health with Expert Travel Tips May 2015

Skincare 911 May 2015

Skin Cancer Awareness Month May 2015

Are You Making Your Skin Freak Out? May 2015

Dr. Rebecca Baxt: Can I Buy the Cheap Sunscreen? May 2015

Huffington Post May 2015

How to Get Rid of a Cystic Acne Breakout April 2015

5 Common Acne Myths You Should Stop Believing NOW April 2015

BB Cream 101 April 2015

False Hope In A Jar? April 2015

Striking Out: Top 5 Myths About Skin For Women Of Color April 2015

Get Glowing April 2015

Dr. Baxt: Elle Magazine - March 2015 March 2015

Say Bon Voyage to Bad Skin March 2015

Experts Warn Against Using Depilatories March 2015

Skincare Tips for Travelers March 2015

How Do I Heal My Code-Red-Level Chapped Lips? February 2015

Undoing Pregnancy Damage February 2015

7 Things Your Nails Say About You February 2015

A look at the most effective Anti-Aging Products February 2015 January 2015 July 2014

e-book available 6/18/2014 from Amazon - Treat Anti-Aging & Acne Treatment May 2014 - Treat Anti-Aging & Acne Treatment May 2014

Stay Safe In The Sun May/June 2014

Healthy Living Spring 2014

Bergen Health & Life May 2014

NY Times- March 2014

New York Times, March 2014, Style Section, Dr. Rebecca Baxt discussed safety of homemade cosmetics

Bergen Health & Life February 2014


(201) Family Top Doc

Dr Rebecca Baxt 201 Health Magazine Top Doc 2013

Healthy Living Fall 2013

A Fresh New Face: Repairing Summer SKin Damage after the season is over - 2013

Fast fixes for pimples, cold sores, sunburn and more June 2013

5-Minute Fixes for Tired-Looking Eyes June 2013

The Mistakes and Myths That Can Age Your Skin May 2013

Dr. Baxt Talks About The Importance Of Using Sunscreen Daily. May 2013

Is Your Self-Tanner Making You Break Out? April 2013

Sweating at the Gym Can Make Acne Worse April 2013

Three Ways Winter Ruined Your Skin March 2013

Dr. Baxt Reveals Must-Know Skincare Tips for Jet-Setters March 2013

Six Healthy Skin Care Habits You Should Reconsider February 2013

(201) Health Magazine Skintastic January 2013

Future Derm Beauty from a Scientific Perspective January 2013

How to be a Redhead January 2013

Jet-Setting Your Way to Healthier Skin January 2013

How to Avoid Wrinkles January 2013

Protecting Senior Skin from Winter Weather Damage January 2013

Meet the Baxt Family of Doctors January 2013

Are Many Moles on Dark Skin Still a Melanoma Risk? January 2013

Dr. Baxt Discusses Six Skin-Saving Strategies December 2012

Quiz: Are You Wasting Your Beauty Products? December 2012

What Makes You Itch - And How to Beat It December 2012

Are Your Eyes Making You Look Old? November 2012

Acne Treatments to Avoid During Pregnancy November 2012

Two Potentially Life-Threatening Melanomas Found. November 2012

Eyes Wide Open: How to Look Years Younger October 2012

How to Avoid Wrinkles October 2012

Prevention: 7 Things Your Nails Say About Your Health September 2012

Say Bye-Bye to Stretch Marks August 2012

(201) Health Wear Sunscreen July 2012

'Killer' of kids in summer June 2012

Skin Danger Zones: Sun Damage Where You Least Expect It. June 2012

At What Age You Should Start Using Eye Cream? June 2012

What You Need to Know About Sunscreen DailyGlow June 2012

Beware: Summer is Dangerous For Children June 2012

Get Your Best Beauty Sleep - Endless Beauty June 2012

Bergen's Top Doctors (201) Health 2012 Edition

Your Skin Protection Plan - Women's Day May 2012

Easing the Vein American Spa May 2012

Your Commute Poses a Threat - Cosmopolitan May 2012

Sulfate-free Shampoo Stylelist May 2012

Winter Rays (201) Health Magazine April 2012

Skincare for Seniors Erickson Tribune March 2012

Improving Beauty Sleep February 2012

Improving Beauty Sleep February 2012

Kim's Agonizing Flesh Creeping Disease Worsens! Enquirer December 2011

Skin Care Through the ages (201) Health Magazine March 2011

Winter Rays (201) Health Magazine February 2011

Keeping up Appearances Living Well

Sherwood Baxt, M.D. was featured in Cosmetic Surgery Times, October 2009, Laser Liposuction of the Neck and Jowl Line

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