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The following are excerpts from TV and radio programs featuring BAXT CosMedical®. Please note that the results of procedures mentioned will vary on different patients. Some photos and videos are graphic in nature but supplied for educational purposes only.


ABC Good Morning America, Scarless Breast Reduction/Liposuction Breast Reduction

Dr. Rebecca Baxt discusses Skin Cancer
on Telemundo

Dr. Rebecca Baxt on Fox 5 Good Day Street Talk - Discussing Skin Cancer, Sunscreen and Tanning

Dr. Rebecca Baxt, Board Certified Dermatologist, on Telemundo - Putting your Best Face Forward

Scarless Breast Reduction on Channel 9 News
Sherwood Baxt, MD

Facelift - Tissue Glue on NBC
Sherwood Bax, MD

Scarless Breast Reduction
Dr. Sherwood Baxt

Scarless Breast Reduction
on Discovery Health

Facelift - Tissue Glue
Sherwood Baxt, MD

Facelift (Tissue Glue) - New Jersey Plastic Surgery on FOX News - Sherwood Baxt, MD

On the Radio

Sirius XM Radio
  • Listen to Dr. Rebecca Baxt on Sirius XM Radio Channel 110!  She is a recurring guest speaker on Sirius XM Dermatology Show.  
    Listen to the radio show:

Jane Wilkens Michael Show
  • Dr Rebecca Baxt discussing Beauty 411…Emergency Skin Care and Beauty Tools like fillers and lasers!
    Listen to the radio show:

Web Talk Radio – Inside Cosmetic Surgery
  • Dr. Rebecca Baxt, Board Certified Dermatologists discussing the latest treatments for Acne and Acne Scars. (3/30/2015)
    Listen to the radio show:

  • Adult Acne Causes & Treatments Explained by Dr. Rebecca Baxt. (10/28/2013)
    Listen to the radio show:

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