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Dr. Baxt: Bergen Magazine Faces of Bergen 2016

Dr. Sherwood Baxt was a lead author and inventor of the Scar-Less Breast Reduction Technique. He has operated on patients from all over the world for this procedure. See feature on Good Morning America.

Dr. Sherwood Baxt: Outcome Study in Liposuction Breast Reduction

In an article in the Am. Journal of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sherwood Baxt authored the first outcome study to validate the effectiveness of liposuction as a primary method of breast reduction surgery. Read more »

Dr. Saida Baxt and Dr. Rebecca Baxt: Acne and Rosacea Briefs

In an article published in Acne and Rosacea Briefs 2003, Dr. Saida Baxt and Dr. Rebecca Baxt discuss the use of IPL treatment for the flushing, blushing and telangiectatic components of rosacea. Read more »

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