Medical Treatment for Rosacea

At BAXT CosMedical®, we have been treating patients with Rosacea for over 30 years. We see patients suffering from mild, moderate and severe disease. Rosacea can affect the face, as well as the eyes and chest. Rosacea is often easy to see with the classic redness, blood vessels, and breakouts and flushing, but the triggers and reasons why it occurs and the best way to treat it require careful and thoughtful consultation with great board certified dermatologists with lots of experience.

We offer a full dermatology consultation and listen carefully to our patients’ stories and history. We also do a thorough physical exam, and ask many questions, which can help us determine what treatments are best to help the particular patient. There are lotions, creams, gels, pills, lasers, lights, and behavioral changes and we go over all the options. In our discussion with the patient, we determine together the best course of action depending on symptoms, triggers, lifestyle, and budget.

We commonly see patients who have been suffering for years and have seen other doctors without successful relief of their symptoms. We think our careful and thoughtful approach works really well to relieve the suffering of our rosacea patients, as we design a program for each individual patient. The intervention can sometimes include something as simple as washing with cool water and mild cleansers and avoiding the sun. Expert cortisone injections can help relieve painful cysts. Oral antibiotics are often helpful even in low doses. We usually see Rosacea patients for follow-up after a month, and then every three months or so as the seasons change to make sure the Rosacea stays in control. Patients with severe disease may need more frequent follow-up.

At BAXT CosMedical®, we deliver outstanding patient care and excellent customer service with the best technology available.  We provide honest consultations and natural results. Let our family treat your family.
We look forward to meeting with you at your consultation and designing a program that works for you. Contact us online or call 201-265-1300.

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