Moles are one of the most common lesions we as dermatologists are asked to evaluate. Moles can be congenital (from birth) or more commonly acquired as we age. Moles can be benign, or dysplastic which means atypical. Atypical moles are a marker for increased risk of skin cancer and must be followed closely. We offer all our patients yearly (or more often if necessary) skin cancer screenings with our board-certified dermatologists. We have been taking photos (at no extra charge) of our patients’ moles and following them for years, which helps reduce the need for biopsies. If needed, we perform biopsies of suspicious moles, usually done at the same time as your office visit. Changing moles should prompt a quick visit to us, and we always get our patients with changing lesions an appointment offered within 24 – 48 hours. Contact us or call 201-265-1300 today!

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