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BAXT CosMedical® is known for our honesty, integrity, excellent knowledge, cutting edge technology, compassionate caring, and excellent customer service. We are a family practice of highly trained specialists in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery that work together to achieve the best results and outcomes for our patients. We treat our patients like family. Our motto is… At BAXT CosMedical®, we deliver outstanding patient care and excellent customer service with the best technology available.  We provide honest consultations and natural results.  Let our family treat your family.
We are a top notch medical office where we each practice our own specialty at very high levels. We are not a clinic. We are not a spa. We have an excellent, kind and cheerful staff who help us deliver the highest level of customer service. We are always trying to do things more efficiently and better and we are always investing in new technology after we have tested it ourselves and are satisfied that it will be beneficial for our patients.

Check out our patient reviews and testimonials. We get excellent marks and we love delivering high level medical care and helping our patients achieve their goals. We love knowing what is going on in our patients’ lives and catching up with them at office visits and working closely with our staff to make the experience in our office the best that it can be.

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